Kung Fu Dream

Directed by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Role: Co-Composer

KSP2 Early Access Trailer

Directed by Private Division
Role: Composer

Embrace the Darkness

Directed by Tier S
Role: Composer

Honor of Kings: World Trailer

Directed by Tencent
Role: Additional Music


Flashgitz - Series

Directed by Tom & Don
Role: Composer (2021-Present)

Screams from the Golden Arches

Directed by Meatcanyon
Role: Composer


Directed by OtakuVs
Role: Composer

Avocado Animations - Series

Directed by Avo
Role: Composer (2021-2022)

Marvel Ultimate - Series

Directed by Jake Thomas
Role: Composer (2018-2019)

The Armchair Historian - Series

Directed by Griffin Johnsen
Role: Composer (2019-2021)

Film & TV

The Engagement Plot

Produced by Hallmark
Role: Additional Music

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

Directed by Matt Beals
Role: Composer

Sesame Street, Season 49

Produced by PBS
Role: Music Copyist

Nature Cat: A Nature Carol

Directed by Steve Daye
Role: Music Copyist


Sansar VR

Directed by Sansar Int.
Role: Theme Park Composer


Directed by Dylan Akio Smith
Role: Assistant Music Librarian