1:1 Music Coaching

Work with me to discuss how you can improve your skills and/or build your career as a media composer.



What you'll get:

β€’ A 1-on-1 Zoom session with me
β€’ A personalized action plan
β€’ Downloadable session recording

Topics include:

β€’ General Composition
β€’ Arranging

β€’ Orchestration
β€’ Mockups
β€’ Music Production

β€’ Scoring to Picture
β€’ Networking
β€’ Pricing
β€’ Client Relationships
β€’ Work/Life Balance

Free resources:

Why work with me?

As hard as it is to make a living making music, it’s even harder to stay passionate and inspired through that process.

As a full-time composer with over 15 years in the industry, I've struggled with the same things you have: muddy compositions, slow workflow, lack of work, slim budgets, tight deadlines, picky clients... the list goes on.

I aim to help my students avoid some of the mistakes I made, and help them to develop a career that's both successful and sustainable.

We'll discuss your goals, your music, workflow, networking, and business strategies. But most importantly, we'll discuss your mindset.

Breaking through this industry means patience and persistence, and we'll develop some strategies and tools to help you develop those skills as we create an actionable plan forward.

After a session with me, I hope you'll feel inspired, energized, and driven to see your goals through.


Hear it from my students

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between coaching and lessons?

Coaching is typically non-recurring, though some composers do opt for regular sessions.

Coaching also emphasizes creating a game plan based on your your specific needs and challenges, instead of a one-size-fits-all teaching method.

What happens after I book?

After booking, you'll receive an email confirmation with a calendar invite, Zoom link, and a Google Drive link to your lesson folder (if you've opted in).

On the day of the session, you'll receive an email confirmation 1 hour beforehand, and after the session your folder will contain a recording of the session available to download.

I tried to book but don't see anything available. What happened?

My availability is limited, so if you don't see anything, I've either been booked up or am away. Try again in another week!